Daily Tarot (June 15, 2014)

Daily SWOT Strengths: Peaceful, patient today.  I have no leanings either way. Weaknesses:  Not talking enough to God today. Opportunities: I will complete multiple projects today. Threats: Staying too focused on self. The Hermit Time for convalescence. Need to be alone with one’s own thoughts. Need to cultivate oneself before interacting with others. Focus on

Living Is Dying

So living is dying. You understand? Living means that every day you are abandoning everything that you are attached to. Can you do this? A very simple fact but it has got tremendous implications. So that each day is a new day. Each day you are dying and incarnating. There is tremendous vitality, energy there

Energy to Inquire

After all, to find out anything you must have energy, and you need a great deal of energy to inquire into something totally new. And to have that energy, you must have listened to the old pattern of life, neither condemning nor approving. You must have listened to it totally – which means you have

Daily Tarot Reading (June 3, 2014)

Daily SWOT Strengths: I’m full relaxed and confident today. Weaknesses: Somewhat restless and nervous. Opportunities: Employment at a new job. Threats: Fear. The Devil Obsession. Compulsion. Overzealous behavior. Difficult relationships. Don’t allow the darker side of things to control the situation. Negative emotions are trying to come into play. Time to reverse them before it’s