A Mind That is No Longer Concerned with Change Has No Fear

“Humility implies total destruction – not of outward, social things, but complete destruction of the center, of oneself, of one’s own ideas, experiences, knowledge, traditions – completely emptying the mind of everything that it has known. Therefore, such a mind is no longer thinking in terms of change. A mind that is no longer concerned with change has no fear and is therefore free. Then it is no longer trying to change itself into another pattern, no longer exposing itself to further experiences, no longer asking and demanding, because such a mind is free; therefore, it can be quiet, still. And then, perhaps, that which is nameless can come into being.So, humility is essential, but not of the artificial, cultivated kind. You see, one must be without capacity, without gift; one must be as nothing, inwardly. And, I think that if one sees this without trying to learn how to be as nothing, then the seeing is the experiencing of it and then, perchance, the other thing can come into being.”  – Collected Works, Vol. XII,200

— Jay Krishnamurti


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