This morning at exactly 5:00am, I received what could only be called a sign from God.

With only a brush from my wrist my air mattress burst, leaking air that would completely deflate the air mattress in seconds.  It was God telling me to wake up, and go all carpe diem on the world today.  ‘Awake!  Sweep dreams from your pretty naps my sweet child!’

Ephesians 5:14 — ‘Awake O’ sleeper!  Arise from the dead!  And the light of Christ will shine upon you!’

I’ve been trying to wake up for some time now.  Is this the time?

The times I’ve shrinked myself, cut-off my potential, hesitated to “get back”

How I will live my life from this point forward.

Not since Payable on Death, has something resonated so powerful and spiritual to me.  I love this inspirational source.

This will be the soundtrack to my spiritual quest and questions.  I love this!



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